We come to work everyday because we want you to have your WOW moment when you walk into your ballroom…


Your event imagined, now transformed into reality…


Look around and see the beautiful, on BRAND set. Listen to that clean, clear audio. See the perfectly lit stage and notice the support staff all there to make your event, your message come alive.


Sure, we could be like most companies out there – over charging and under delivering – but we aren’t like most companies…


We love to see the look on our clients’ faces on that first day, the hearty “thank-you” at the close of a great event and knowing that we over delivered an on budget and excellent event…


We have to admit that we have an agenda as we design your event. We want you to be excited to work with us again.  As you plan your next event, Blue Glow Designs will already be your first choice. Won’t it be great to know you have your design and production in the bag?


No show goes without a glitch or two but when you work with BGD you can rest easy knowing that our combined decades of experience means we can “fix” any issue as if it never happened.  Your event will be successful – we will make sure of it.


Blue Glow Designs is not one person… we are a network of trusted professionals with amazing skills and a great work ethic that will make you look great.


We are ready to over deliver for you.


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