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We are a design firm that specializes in Lighting, Staging, Video, Audio and Full Production Design. 

Blue Glow Designs can help in any capacity from consulting to full production services.


When you look to work with a new company you usually look to the website, see their work and really see what they are capable of.  You also may go and check out their social media to see if they are trustworthy? Do they post clients sensitive information for everyone to see?


There are a lot of companies out there but there is one important fact you forgot to ask yourself…What went wrong and how did they make it work?  We all know things don’t always go to plan.  This is why you want your go-to people to also be great “Fixers” People who can think outside the box and make anything possible.


We strive at challenges at Blue Glow Designs. Challenges can always be overcome!

Using the latest in technology we work with you to deliver an experience for your attendees 

that is on brand and conveys your message.

Design Process

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